Vision, Mission, Values

In NSMT, we have our own beliefs which are shared by all of our members. These beliefs differentiate us to our peers in the industry, make us what we are today, and drive us forward towards what we want to be tomorrow. We like all our stakeholders to know and to understand who we are and see what we mean.

Our Vision:
NSMT’s vision is to make good design into millions of quality products that make lives better

Our Mission:
NSMT’s mission is to become the first choice for our customer by using experts to actualize the designs of experts in a precise, timely, and cost effective manner. NSMT also determined to improve customers’ supply chain experience through effective communication and availability.

Our Core Values:
In NSMT, we embrace these following values on both organizational and individual level.

- Understand the roles we play, the works we do, the duties we have
- Making proper decision and taking responsibility
- Keeping promises and commitments
- Upholding the trust from customer, trust between employees, and trust on the quality of our work.

- Fully committed and dedicated to our jobs and customers.
- Delivering consistent result despite of possible unexpected difficulty
- Aim for the most efficient and effective manner
- Think steps ahead and always prepare alternatives

- Show respect to and treasure all individuals for their difference.
- Committed to ethical standards and moral principles
- Be truthful, accurate and consistent
- Committed to ethics standard

- Always maintain a positive mentality
- Continuously strive to be better
- Promote and implement innovative ideas and solution
- Proud of what we do and who we are

Result oriented
- Focus on finding solutions and achieving results
- Promote Can-do attitude
- Work as a team and accomplish goal together
- Proactively provide guidance and support to each other